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2001  |  „Future of the Smallest Form“
Christopher Dell D.R.A. featuring Christian Ramond, Felix Astor
jazz4ever Records

2000  |  „un_folded sites“
Christopher Dell, Book and CD
Vertrieb Verlag Walther König, Köln

1997  |  „Kartenspiele“
Christopher Dell plays Barbara Heller. Contemporary copositions for vibraphone and marimbas. Salto Records

1994  |  „Lets the Vibes Flow“
Christopher Dell and the Real Groove.
RPG Records

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Audio releases of Christopher Dell (downloads) are availible at Qobuz → (ENW), iTunes →, Amazon → and Google Play →. Physical CDs are available at info@niehlerwerft.de. The online distribution is covered by fine tunes →. Books and papers are availible online at Amazon → and of course in your local Bookstore.

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