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2018   |  Textobject No.2, Report Das Arbeitende Konzert/ The Working Concert (Revision IV-V), Berlin
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2018   |  'monodosis 1-20 min', Loris Gallery, Berlin
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2017   |  Monodosis II, enw records
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2016   |  The Working Concert Revision III
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2016   |  The Working Concert Revision II
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2016   |  The Working Concert Revision I, Commission by Goethe Institute Brussels
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2015   |  Christopher Dell DRA "3rd critique", Award Initiative Musik
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2014   |  Art of Making "Tribute", enw
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2013   |  Christopher Dell D.R.A. "Typology", enw 2013
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2006  |  „Truth study“

2005  |  „Monodosis“
Christopher Dell. Vibraphon, Solo Album
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2004  |  „REAL“
Christopher Dell DRA

2003  |  „Future of the Smallest Form“
Christopher Dell D.R.A. featuring Christian Ramond, Felix Astor
jazz4ever Records

2002  |  „Plötzlichkeit.Gestern“
Christopher Dell and Hyperion Ensamble

metazoon_front cover2001  |  „Metazoon“
Christopher Dell, Verlag Walther König, Köln
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2000  |  „un_folded sites“
Christopher Dell, Book and CD
Vertrieb Verlag Walther König, Köln

dancers_fornt cover1998  |  „Dancers on a Plane“
Christopher Dell, Heinz Sauer, Stephan Schmolck. Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik, 1/98. Konnex Records
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1997  |  „Kartenspiele“
Christopher Dell plays Barbara Heller. Contemporary copositions for vibraphone and marimbas. Salto Records

4_othervoices_72 Kopie1995  |  „Other Voices Other Rooms“
With Billy Drews, Jim Black, Johannes Weidenmüller
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1994  |  „Lets the Vibes Flow“
Christopher Dell and the Real Groove.
RPG Records

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