enw is an artist label established by Christopher Dell. It operates as medium and as publishing platform for the extended musical works, activities and collaborations of Christopher Dell. enw produces artist CDs, Vinyl Records, DVD and artist books in small editions, experimenting with the format that redefines the realm traditionally occupied by the recording. Inspired by the independence from the economic logic of the mainstream music and art market, the idea of an artist label as ‚alternative space‘ has led Christopher Dell to devote utmost attention to the medium. While the communication of artistic concepts to the public via internet such as a webpage, download or streaming becomes more and more ubiquitous, Dell still sees the CD, Vinyl Record, DVD and book format as indispensable. The physical objects of different script forms offer the opportunity to find innovative ways of material expression by experimentally expanding the classical medium, for example by combining book, CD and DVD in hybrid constellations. One example is the invention of the accumulation book. This new object format is an open book form, that allows for assembling and reassembling notations, texts, material and so forth. Beyond its function as documentary archive, the form of the artist label enw is a work of art in its own right.

You can download ↵ our online releases on Qobuz → (high resolution), iTunes →, Amazon → and Google Play →. The physical CDs are available at info@niehler-werft.de. The online distribution is covered by fine tunes →.

ENW Publications

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2017   |  Monodosis II, enw records
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2017   |  lecture performance and launch of accumulation book 'monodosis 1-20 min', Loris Gallery, Berlin
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2016   |  The Working Concert Revision III
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2016   |  The Working Concert Revision II
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2016   |  The Working Concert Revision I, Commission by Goethe Institute Brussels
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2015   |  Christopher Dell DRA "3rd critique", Award Initiative Musik
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2014   |  Art of Making "Tribute", enw
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2013   |  Christopher Dell D.R.A. "Typology", enw 2013
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2006  |  „Truth study“

2005  |  „Monodosis“
Christopher Dell. Vibraphon, Solo Album
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2004  |  „REAL“
Christopher Dell DRA

2003  |  „Future of the Smallest Form“
Christopher Dell D.R.A. featuring Christian Ramond, Felix Astor
jazz4ever Records

2002  |  „Plötzlichkeit.Gestern“
Christopher Dell and Hyperion Ensamble

metazoon_front cover2001  |  „Metazoon“
Christopher Dell, Verlag Walther König, Köln
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2000  |  „un_folded sites“
Christopher Dell, Book and CD
Vertrieb Verlag Walther König, Köln

dancers_fornt cover1998  |  „Dancers on a Plane“
Christopher Dell, Heinz Sauer, Stephan Schmolck. Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik, 1/98. Konnex Records
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1997  |  „Kartenspiele“
Christopher Dell plays Barbara Heller. Contemporary copositions for vibraphone and marimbas. Salto Records

4_othervoices_72 Kopie1995  |  „Other Voices Other Rooms“
With Billy Drews, Jim Black, Johannes Weidenmüller
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1994  |  „Lets the Vibes Flow“
Christopher Dell and the Real Groove.
RPG Records

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