The Work Archive accumulates the interdisciplinary artistic, research and publication works of Christopher Dell. It constitutes the visible storage of the non-linear and complex processes and collaborations through which his work has come into being. The thematic structure of the work archive is recursive, so that works can appear under different categories.

Thereby the Work Archive, as is the whole webpage, is a prototypical project of a display and exhibition format in itself, focussing on exhibiting and mediating the genealogical dimension of the manifold aspects and perspectives of the works. What this format intends, is to gradually and processually create and accumulate an archive that is an open and dynamic form. Practically this means to make a diagrammatic use of administrative techniques and thus open up the static connotation traditionally associated with the notion of the archive.

The archive is subject to changing presentations, categories and relations, its diagrammatic range will be continually intensified, extended and expanded to this end. Consequently, although one is confronted with an archive that looks into the past, the here presented processes also provoke reference points for new beginnings and/or continuations.