With this fascinating project I had the opportunity to compose for  the renowned actress Katja Riemann, her reciting from the poems of the great Edel Adnan. The project, set into realization by Rainer Haarmann of Edition Longplay resulted in the LP “Jahreszeiten – Die Stimme des Libanon”.

While Etel Adnan also did the outstanding cover art, her reaction to the project was overwhelming:

“There have been unforgettable moments; I am thankful and happy to share an evening full of great moments with the wonderful reading and interpretation of Katja Riemann and with great musician. The concert was just great, great music and a lot of “soul”, like real jazz needs. It was a magic event, I cannot forget it. I see it in the front of me!”

the team of the live recording:


the release performance with the great Jasmin Tabatabai



see video here


listen to mp3s here

SIDE A   21.00

01  Relevance (Chjristopher Dell)   |    Play 

02  Lesung ohne Musik   |    Play 

03  Structure 1 (Dell / Bier / Westergaard /Schriefl)   |    Play 

04  Structure 2 (Dell / Bier / Westergaard /Schriefl)   |    Play 

05  June, 32nd Street (Christopher Dell)   |   Play 

06  Lesung ohne Musik   |    Play 

07  Structure 3 (Dell / Bier / Westergaard /Schriefl)   |    Play 

08  Structure 4 (Dell / Bier / Westergaard /Schriefl)   |    Play 

09  Structure 5 (Dell / Bier / Westergaard /Schriefl)   |    Play 

SIDE B   24.13

01  Structure 6 (Dell / Bier / Westergaard /Schriefl)   |    Play 

02  Structure 7 (Dell / Bier / Westergaard /Schriefl)   |    Play 

03  Structure 8 (Dell / Bier / Westergaard /Schriefl)   |   Play 

04  Structure 9 (Dell / Bier / Westergaard /Schriefl)   |    Play 

05  Lesung ohne Musik   |    Play 

06  Season (Christopher Dell)   |    Play 

07  Dead End (Christopher Dell)   |    Play


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