In a series of concerts, each taking place with a new exhibition at aedes, star-vibraphonist and theoretician on the urban christopher dell  interacted over a span of one year with the concepts, forms, materials and spatial constellations of each different exhibition and architectural language. In that way a sensual experience of crossdisciplinary dialogue will unfold. Dell will compose new music for each concert, will perform and also explain, how and with which musical means and material he chooses to interact with the given architectural and discursive situation.


Dialogue Concert # 1 

Angelil, Graham














Dialogue Concert # 2

White Mountain – Contemporary Chilean Architecture



Dialogue Concert # 3

Coop Himmelblau


Dialogue Concert # 4

Modern Ruins – A Topography of Profit



Dialogue Concert # 5

Motion Matters – UNStudio, Amsterdam


Dialogue Concert #6

The Poetics of Boxes – Mathias Klotz