Such a fantastic time at the urban research artist residency in Katowice in April 2021 as part of the program UNESCO-Music City, New European Bauhaus & Katowice JazzArt Festival. Involving a stunning transhistorical tour through Katowice’s built city structure, investigating the fascinating palimpsest of its crucial architectural hubs of industrialization, (neo-) classicism, modernism, late modernism and postmodernism with Ryszard Nakonieczny, recording and filming vibraphone solo performance at headquarters of Katowice Miasto Ogrodów, interview and walk on location with Martyna van Niewland, interview with Heleną Szewiołą of the architecture group antyRAMA at the headquarters Luft in Ligota, walk on location of Plac na Glanc project with Mateusz Zegan, fotoshooting with Joanna Nowicka


A special thanks to Martyna van Niewland, curator of Katowice JazzArtfestival for inviting me and for inventing this incredibly exciting new format.

Thanks to Monika, Helena, Ola, Lukasz, Bastek, Claudia, Ryszard, Asia, Mateusz, Bastek, Kuba, Marcin and everybody at Katowice JazzArtfestival for the inspiring exchange! Pics: Arkadiusz Ławrywianiec