christopher dell, jonas westergaard, christian lillinger


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The Trio Dell, Lillinger, Westergaard combines energetic playing with structural composition in realtime.The interaction results in high energy that materializes in different layers of sounds, relationscapes. Form comes into being through musical production. In this way the trio transcends the usual dichotomy of rythmsection vs. solo player.[/one_half]

Their new program and recording „Grammar“ (released on gligg-records) demonstrates the trios specific structural approach to formmaking in manifold perspectives. While the group constitutes a form in itself, it also works as a plug-in structure for other musicians, the first document being the cd „Traveller“ with guest John Tchicai.

Latest CD/ Vinyl:

“Grammar II” plaist music

further recordings:


Gligg Records 2013

dlwgrammarfront dlwgrammarback


check out video “Live in Copenhagen 2015”

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