BEATS II is the fourth album made by composer trio Dell-Lillinger-Westergaard(DLW). The recording is manifests the continuation of a research that began with GRAMMAR,
GRAMMAR II and BEATS. Within this ongoing work two complementary approaches have been distinguished, manifesting themselves in a serial manner. “While the GRAMMAR series derives from the construction of larger forms, through the use of minimal structures, the musical research exercised in the BEATS-series fragments a larger superstructure into minimal entities that are then worked through, in processes of iteration and reconfiguration”, Christopher Dell explains.
Dealing with multiperspectivity and multidimensionality DLW colors the grid and its infinite variance.
The different element colors stand for the variety of multiple audible relationships of tonal structures and their respective sound qualities.
„Forcefully physical and forever in flux the trio’s music is a bit like Brutalist architecture translated into music“. DownBeat Magazine.




01 element blood-orange

02 element mint-green

03 element violett

04 element Beige

05 element violet

06 element bright-pink

07 element red-brown

08 element khaki

09 element light-blue


01 element red
02 element yellow

03 element wine-red

04 element orange

05 element green

06 element pink

07 element white

08 element cyan

09 element blue-purple

10 element grey

11 element Purple

Line up:

CHRISTOPHER DELL – vibraphone, composition

CHRISTIAN LILLINGER – drums, composition

JONAS WESTERGAARD – bass, composition


All tracks recorded 2022 at Paul-Robeson-Studios Berlin by Nanni Johansson,
except track 4 by Gleb Zagrebin at C-Quadrat Studio, Berlin 2022, track 1, 10, 13, 16, 18, 20 by DLW at Paul- Robeson-Studios, Berlin 2022, track 6 by DLW Salao Brazil, Coimbra 2022, mixed by Nanni Johansson and DLW 2023,

mastered by Frida Claeson Johansson 2023, lacquercut by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnittstelle Berlin 2023,

all compositions by Dell Lillinger Westergaard (GEMA),

design by Katrin Lillinger, Christian Lillinger,

produced by PLAIST and Christian Lillinger, cover art picture by Edith Ringer,