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BEATS is the third album by Dell, Lillinger, Westergaard. The recording is the continuation of the research by DLW that started with GRAMMAR and GRAMMAR II released last year. Contrary to its predecessors BEATS operates in reverse order: “While the former publications derived from the construction of larger forms through the use of minimal structures, the musical research exercised in BEATS fragments a larger superstructure into minimal entities that are then worked through in processes of iteration and reconfiguration”, explains Christopher Dell.


1. Configuration I
2. Configuration II
3. Configuration III
4. Configuration IV
5. Configuration V
6. Configuration VI
7. Configuration VII
8. Configuration VIII
9. Configuration IX
10. Configuration X
11. Configuration XI
12. Configuration XII*
13. Configuration XIII
*4th movement from „Six Bagatelles“ by Anton Webern



Line up:

Christopher Dell – Vibraphone (Germany)

Christian Lillinger – Drums (Germany)
Jonas Westergaard – Double Bass (Denmark)

Composition and Concept by Christopher Dell, Christian Lillinger & Jonas Westergaard