Improvisation als urbane Praxis

The contemporary city is a multifaceted creature that is not only conditioned by continuing change but also actively shapes this change. This means that we have to fundamentally rethink the city. Focusing on the physical object alone does not suffice anymore. To know what a city is, one needs to ask what a city actually „does“. Christopher Dell brings into focus this exciting dynamic: he asks how the city “makes itself“, and what kind of conceptions make the handling of an undetermined city possible in a playful and constructive manner. In doing so, Dell identifies a specific type of urban practice, improvisation, which acts and reacts upon the complex urban phenomena of the present. What was seen as a side effect or useless garbage during the industrial phase now becomes a resource. His conclusion is radical: the time has come to „recycle“ improvisation, rethinking it as part of the process and technology of the city.

240 Pages
with 23 b/w Images
Swiss Softcover
Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-86859-039-5

Date of publication: April 2011


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