Dialogue Concert Series | #6 Materiality

Posted on Okt 10, 2021 in / Serial IFIT / Serial Publications
it was such a happening! now online: the video of Dialogue Concert Series | #6 Materiality with Lotte Anker, Sofia Eftychidou, Ton Matton at AEDES Architecture Forum in the exhibitions “Arbre à Palabres – Kéré Architecture” & “Vanished Landscapes – Ursula Schulz-Dornburg”. Thank you Lotte, Sofia, Ton and the whole Aedes team for making this happen! Thank you Francis Kéré for having us in your wonderful exhibition and for coming out and hanging and discussing with us, it was an inspiration and honor! Thanks to Moritz and the reframe team for again making a fantastic atmospheric display of the event.
Ton Matton (NL)
Lotte Anker (DK) saxophone
Sofia Eftychidou (GR) bass
Christopher Dell (D) vibraphone/ moderation




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