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“Disciplined Disturbance”

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new essay by Dell, C., Kniess, B., Peck, D., and Richter, A., 2017. In: W. Pelka and F. Kasting, eds. Perspectives in Metropolitan Research. Science and the City: Hamburg’s Path into an Academic Built Environment Education. Berlin: Jovis, 140–159

Extracts from the chapter:
The idea of hosting a summer school emerged in the context of the so-called ‘refugee crisis’ and a growing housing shortage. The resulting situation necessitated the political reorganization of the production of housing. Simultaneously, new actors and with them novel understandings stepped up, amongst them a civil society organization that pushed the idea for a community building in a planned refugee accommodation. This organization approached the Urban Design team with an interest to collaborate in the projection of a possible future. With the idea to plan and build the community building with refugees and the participating neighborhood, they first approached the Urban Design team with the request for an image of how this building could look like. Taking the idea seriously, the team produced a number of process drawings so as to leave the actual emerging form open.
We now need to consider how the different dimensions of the play are integrated into a didactic index of play modes. As the subtitles of this paper indicate, we are dealing with the modes “coming into play”, “how to play”, “playing”. Conceptually, these modes are developed in a transposition of the semiological triad syntax, semiotics and pragmatics, originally proposed by Charles Morris (1938). Morris’ behaviorist concept of semiotics stresses the social context in which signs and language are used. This was crucial not only for John Dewey’s (Dewey 1934) experiential pedagogy but also for the work of Gabriele Sturm (2000). We use her concept of methodology and translate it into an iterative diagrammatic program for research and design:



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