DLW “Becoming Animal”

Posted on Mai 10, 2023 in / Serial Events
Christopher Dell (vibraphone), Jonas Westergaard (bass) and Christian Lillinger (drums) will play at the Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt on Wed. 10 May at 8 pm; admission from 7 pm.

What makes a human being a human being? How animalistic are we? Unlike animals, who are not aware of their own existence, humans are aware of the limitations of life and the emptiness that lies before them. Nevertheless, humans are constantly trying to break this traumatic void anew through the medium we call art. With “Becoming Animal”, Dell-Lillinger-Westergaard explore the fundamental parameters of human existence and its marginal passages into the animalistic through series of seemingly irreconcilable, musically divergent movements that confront empty transcendence with enduring concepts of eternity and utopia.

“Becoming Animal” is a concert in the series “FABRIK außer HAUS” in cooperation with the Museum für Kommunikation as part of the exhibition “Humanimal – Das Tier und Wir”.
The concert will take place in the atrium of the Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt (Schaumainkai 53 (Museumsufer), 60596 Frankfurt am Main).