DLW feat. Bob Degen “Supermodern Vol II”

Posted on Dez 29, 2023 in / Serial Publications / Works of 2023

SUPERMODERN Vol.2 the second double album called “Supermodern” with  Christopher Dell – vibraphone
Christian Lillinger – drums
Jonas Westergaard – bass
and Bob Degen – piano
is released on HGBSBlue. Available in selected record shops, or directly from us: https://black-forest-sounds.de/produkte/supermodern-vol-ii
When  the double LP Supermodern Vol. I was released at the end of 2021, it was followed by numerous enthusiastic reactions from music critics, but also from many listeners of these incredibly energetic, stirring sounds with elements of avant-garde, jazz and classical music.
The four musicians on this recording met musically for the first time during the dreary Corona period in the spring of 2021 in Villingen. The DLW Trio sets the tone in the country’s current music scene. Dell, Westergaard and Lillinger had invited the outstanding pianist Bob Degen for the quartet recording. Actually, “only” one LP was to be recorded, but so much first-class musical material was created in the three days of recording that two double LPs have now been produced. The second record is truly not a rehash of the first Supermodern issue, but a consistent continuation of the music that was intended as a homage to the Modern Jazz Quartet, but mutated into an independent and highly energetic quartet experience.
“The title “supermodern” sums up a mind-boggling listening experience…Grandiose fresh improvisational artistry…An overwhelmingly sophisticated listening pleasure…” writes  Fono Forum



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