Video DLW “New Loft Session Part 2”

Posted on Nov 6, 2020 in / Serial Publications / Works of 2020
video work by  Christopher Dell, Christian Lillinger and Jonas Westergaard in cooperation with Beat Halberschmidt
this video is the second part of the DLW loft session, recorded and filmed in may 2020.
it was the last takes documented at what was once called newloft.
many concerts, rehearsals and discourses took place there – in the heart of kreuzberg 36 – and its history resonates in the music played on this occasion.
in this sense one could call the videos New Loft Session Part 1 and 2 accumulation works. thanks to beat for the filming!
Recorded live on May 11th 2020 by Performer: Christopher Dell – vibraphone Christian Lillinger – drums Jonas Westergaard – bass Date: 11.05.2020 Location: Private Studio Promoter: Video: Beat Halberschmidt Mix & Mastering: Christian Lillinger
Christopher Dell plays Vic Firth exclusively
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