DLW Soirée at Salle Cortot Paris

Posted on Mrz 29, 2023 in / Serial Events

can’t wait: the DLW Soirée at the Salle Cortot Paris, feat. the outstanding Tamara Stefanovich and Benedict Klöckner!

25. 04. 2023


Salle Cortot

78 Rue Cardinet, 75017 Paris

The Salle is an architectural gem of Proto-Modern by the great Auguste Perret, whose famous buildings are Garage le Ponthieu and the Maison de Verre. The specificity of Salle Cortot is induced by its restrictive site: only 9 metres in front and 29 metres deep. Perret had no choice but to place the stage on one of the two large sides, perpendicular to the street façade. The architect imagines the 350-seat concert hall as “a sculpturally designed closed box” of which blind façade will express this interiority. The frieze under the cornice evokes the antique metopes and hides the hall’s ventilation vents. Its framework is made of concrete and the filling is made of brick. Panels of white sanded Semons stone clad it and give it a beautiful smooth finish. Inside the hall, the impression is quite different because the concrete is left exposed in its monumentality. Semi-circular, the hall is divided into three bays supporting the beams that form a three-cell ceiling. The walls, on the other hand, are covered with thin sheets of okoume plywood, giving a warm atmosphere to the whole. The Cortot Hall has exceptional acoustics and Cortot himself said of it that it “sounds like a Stradivarius”.