DLW at Theater Krefeld Video

Posted on Okt 13, 2021 in / Serial Events / Serial Publications / Works of 2021

Dell/Lillinger/Westergaard combine energetic playing with structural execution; composed materials are permanently reconfigured. The trio delivers extraordinarily gripping soundscapes that are characterised by a close interlocking of musical structures and hyperreal sound design – resulting in a completely independent aesthetic. The Frankfurter Rundschau calls the trio’s work “Boulez in Real-Time” and adds: “A great performance and a beautiful proof that watching jazz is sometimes at least as much fun as listening to jazz.” The Austrian Freistil writes: “the trio’s playing is a wide-open, unorthodox structural system, inclined towards the magic of the moment, executed with agogic mastery. A music of clear-hearted people who convey their insights into the power and essence of sound art.”

The video of this very special live performance was recorded on 11th of October at the Theater Krefeld.