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Dancers on a Plane

Posted on Sep 6, 1999 in / Serial ENW / Serial Records

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Christopher Dell

Dancers on a Plane


The music presented here was recorded 1998 with the great Heinz Sauer – Saxophones and Stephan Schmolck – Bass. With the compositions presented here ne new step in my work was taken: firstly,  I started to number my compositions. By this procedure secondly I indicated the shift my work had taken towards contemporary composed music and especially my interest in structuralism and serialism. Already in the beginning of the 1990s I had started to visit the Institut for New Music in Darmstadt regularly to study scores and to expand my compositional strategies. But attending the master classes at the Ferienkurse für Neue Musik with Karlheinz Stockhausen and Earle Brown in the summer of 1996 really opened up a new musical world  for me. At the same time I had since 1992 worked regularly with Heinz Sauer, the great conceptualist of the Frankfurt School. With “Dancers on a plane” a new synthesis evolves, which in a new way brings New Music and the Frankfurt School in contemporary jazz together. The recording received “Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik/ Viertelsjahresliste” in 1998.


Track List:

  1. # 12 B (We Seem Symmetrical…)
  2. # 10+15+14 (Dancers on a Plane)
  3. # 9 A (Between the Clock and the Bed)
  4. # 1 (Choice of Questions)
  5. # 11 B (Night Wandering)
  6. # 9 B (Between the Knife and the Table)
  7. # 7+11 A (Perilious Night)
  8. # 16 (Every Soul Is a Circus)
  9. # 3+6 (Study of Skin)
  10. # 13 (Sonatas and Interludes)
  11. # 12 A (…But We Are Not)


Line Up:

Christopher Dell vibraphone

Heinz Sauer saxophones

Stephan Schmolck bass


Composition and concept by Christopher Dell

Mastered by L. Noltemeyer at Studio Pulsen FFM

Recorder by Walter Brüssow at Performance Studios, Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Produced by Christopher Dell