FNEZ lecture performance “Raum und Handlung”

Posted on Mrz 6, 2023 in / Serial Events

looking forward to lecture at the FNEZ Spring School taking place in Mannheim this week. This year the workshop headed by Stefan Rettich of the Urban Design faculty of the University Kassel. The theme is “Circular City”. Funded by the National Urban Development Policy, FNEZ aims to bring together current research fields of urban development policy with the work of urban planning students at different universities.
In addition to the summer/winter school, semester projects are also held at the universities in which individual facets of the respective framework topic are explored in greater depth. As part of the university day “National Urban Development Policy”, the students jointly present the results of their work to the professional public. On the occasion of this lecture I will present themes of my upcoming book “Raum und Handlung” published by @transcript_verlagFlorian Hertweck of University Luxemburg will give a lecture on the same day on the theme “The Great Repair”.