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essay that  conceptualizes and perspectivises my composition “lichtspiel” in relation to the film of the same name by László Moholy-Nagy from the year 1930. The work was commissioned by the Deutsche Musikrat on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Bauhuas. The work was performed as a performative installation with the movie by the formidable Bujazzo Ensemble with the great conductor Niels Klein. Performances were held a.o. in Dessau Kurt Weill Festival, Rochester, Toronto


“A composition is a medium. A medium organises. It organises the transmission of information and the circulation of signs, images, and sounds. But the main significance of the medium lies in its inherent capacity to transmit the organisation itself – as both medium and process, effect and image, as well as function, form, and structure. It is at this demarcation, where musical composition is both defined and becoming enigmatic by its own status as one among many media, that I begin – thereby focusing on a small fragment of the tangled assemblage that I call the compositional complex.”


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