Improvisation of Space

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Studienübergreifende englische Lehrveranstaltung Institut RuD

23. und 24. Mai 2018

Hauptplatz 6, 4020 Linz

Studierende sind im SS 2018 zum Vortrag und Workshop im Rahmen der englischsprachigen LV 100.000 eingeladen.

23. Mai 2018 ab 19.00 Uhr | Vortrag  “The Improvisation of Space” mit Christopher DELL
Hauptplatz 6, 5. OG, Raum HP60501, Glashörsaal C (Repräsentationsraum West)

24. Mai 2018 
von 10.00 bis 18.00 Uhr | Workshop
Hauptplatz 6, 1. OG, Raum H60113

Die englischsprachige LV des Instituts Raum und Design, wird im SS18 von raum&designstrategien organisiert.

What is the urban? The phenomenon of the urban can not be clearly defined as an object, but rather should be read as a process. In its total contradiction and complexity, the urban shows itself as a form. But not in the sense of a form of the first order, that is, of an idea or a shape. But in the sense of an absolute form or metaform, merging into the difference and heterogeneity of urban spatial production processes. But merging here does not mean abolishing conflicts, on the contrary: it is precisely the urban and its shifting centers that are the subject of intensive social conflicts, which are sometimes more and less visible.
I would like to pursue teh above desbribed conceptual approach to ask see what effects it has on urban action and how we, as urban space producers, are able to situate ourselves and situate us in different scales depending on situation. The program consists of the introduction to the theory of urbanization, studies of the city in this context and the attempt to theorize on this basis own practices.
The basic theory for this approach comes from the French philosopher and space theorist Henri Lefebvre. Students gain an understanding of the urbanization theory of Henri Lefebvre. They will be able to reflect and theorize their own practices on this basis.

Lefebvre, Henri: Die Revolution der Städte. Dresden 2003
Lefebvre, Henri: The Production of Space. Oxford 1991
Dell, Christopher: Das Urbane. Berlin 2015

work by participants

Šejla Dapo and Xian Zheng