integral design network new webpage launched

Posted on Jun 17, 2023 in / Serial IFIT / Serial Publications

since 2020 my institute ifit is an associate member of integral designers network.

check out the new webpage under

integral Designers network Paris

In 2020, integral ruedi baur paris changes its name to integral design network. In addition to its historical competencies, integral designers relies on a privileged group of designers from various disciplines, each with their own production structure, a transdisciplinary pole that can jointly approach projects according to the demands and above all the real needs of our planet.



Since its creation in 1989, Integral concept has been conceived as a transdisciplinary structure bringing together thinkers and creators who approach design as a factor in transforming society. A number of structures sometimes bearing the name Integral were active in various places and activities. Without economic ties and often discreetly, these players worked, experimented, taught, researched and published together for several decades.

In 2020, during the Covid crisis, there was an urgent need to link up professional activities in order to tackle even more effectively the complex issues facing our changing society and our Anthropocene planet. New partners joined the network. The Integral design network is now a network of independent specialists who can work together on multi-disciplinary projects, each with their own autonomous production structure.

This site presents the members, their approaches and a number of exemplary examples of joint work.

Hervé Audibert, light designer, Paris
Ruedi Baur, urban and graphic designer, Paris, Zurich
Vera Baur, sociologist anthropologist, Zurich, Paris
Jean Beaudoin, architect and urban designer, Montreal
Susanna Cerri, graphic designer and design teacher, Firenze
Robin Coenen, information designer, Berlin
Christopher Dell, urban theorist, composer, musician, Berlin, Copenhagen
Pablo Giorgieff, landscape designer, gardener, Paris
Hubert Klumpner, urban planner, architect, Zurich, Vienna
Lars Müller, designer, publisher, Zurich
Jan Piechota, teacher of information design, Warsaw
Benjamin Ribeau, graphic designer, Bordeaux
Danielle Rosales, graphic designer, sociologist, Berlin
Ewa Satalecka, design teacher, Warsaw
David Thoumazeau, designer, Paris
Giulio Vinaccia, designer, Milano

graphic design & identification programmes
design & scenography
urban & architectural signage
territorial identification & orientation systems
landscape design
digital design, cartography, connected city
lighting design
social, ecological and environmental expertise
architecture and urban planning consultancy
design & scenography