interview ecole de non savoir

Posted on Feb 7, 2024 in / Serial IFIT / Serial Publications

I had the honorable opportunity to do an interview (in German) with Rued Baur for the ecole de non savoir (SCHOOL OF NOT KNOWING)  in the framework of Representation and transmission of “not-knowing”, a transdisciplinary team for the realisation of a universal civic intelligibility project.

Echoing the Milan Triennale 2022, this project aims to work on the representation of “not-knowing” based on the conviction that the dialogue between art, design, science and society is capable of proposing new horizons in understanding and learning about the world we know and the world yet to be discovered.
On the basis of this transversal and interdisciplinary approach, the idea is to collectively question, from different points of view, our relationship with the known, the unknown, the hidden, the buried, in order to question representations as well as ways of transmitting knowledge.
It is therefore by crossing scientific, artistic and research narratives we aim to present a collaborative and evocative reflection on the mysteries and blind spots of the contemporary world and worlds to come.

To carry out this project, Ruedi and Vera Baur chose to bring together experts and an international network of design schools. We want to imagine how design can give visibility to what is not visible, make perceptible what apparently is not, see what we cannot see. And in this way empower those who are excluded, invisible, powerless, to all that is minor, non-existent, even virtual.