lecture-performance Das Arbeitende Konzert/ The Working Concert

Posted on Dez 11, 2022 in / Serial Events / Serial IFIT

With his project “The Working Concert”, Christopher Dell brings together his many musical, compositional, aesthetic and research interests. In this lecture, Dell will explain the background and approaches that determine “The Working Concert”.

“The Working Concert” is an open, discursive performance format by composer and musician Christopher Dell. The works in these concerts are composed for a variable ensemble and consist of flexible modules. Within the duration of the concerts, the internationally renowned musicians develop and perform the organisation as an open form together with Christopher Dell. The format invites the audience to follow musical collaboration as a creative process in real time. As a performative installation, the work questions the conditions of noting, compiling, arranging, producing and showing music as a spatial action and organisation. This explains why the performances of “The Working Concert” are to be understood as an installation of music, space and performance rather than a conventional concert. Dell calls for compositional expeditions into the unknown and existential.


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