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Posted on Feb 3, 1999 in / Serial Records

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Christopher Dell


The development of a composition always begins by asking after the first impulse; the finding of a nucleus, from which all subsequent courses and forms spiral and unfold. In the case of metazoon the module stands in the foreground. Its attributes and capacities to structure an intuitive context play a decisive role in the world of music and create an interface to the architecture of b&k+. The “wiring diagram” of the building plans for the Cologne Brett (Kölner Brett) illustrates very clearly that the basic concept of the design of the module produces a wide range of possible uses, the so-called “switch options.”It is along these lines that metazoan was produced and recorded as electronic composition in 1999 for the building Kölner Brett by Brandlhuber&Kniess+ architects and planners.


Track List:

  1. Metazoon
  2. Koaxial Objekt 1
  3. Absenz 1
  4. Koaxial Objekt 2
  5. Koaxial Objekt 3
  6. Absenz 2
  7. Koaxial Objekt 4
  8. Absenz 3
  9. Koaxial Objekt 5
  10. Koaxial Objekt 6
  11. Absenz 4
  12. Metazoon Reverse


Line Up:

Christopher Dell vibraphone, electronics


Composition and concept by Christopher Dell

Recorded and produced by Christopher Dell