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24.10.2023 – 19:30
19:30 Christopher Dell, Monodosis, vibraphone solo


20:30 Reza Askari, double bass solo


“Klangfenster in der hase29” concert series continues – established jazz greats and exciting newcomers in the Osnabrück art space hase29
Last year saw the launch of the “Klangfenster in der hase29” concert series in Osnabrück. At a total of seven events, jazz duos entered into a spontaneous musical dialogue with each other and with the works of art in the exhibition space. The format was so well received by the public and the trade press that the series is now being continued with seven more concerts.
Between October 2023 and April 2024, 19 top-class jazz musicians will play innovative, experimental and improvised music at Kunstraum hase29. The series was once again curated by Osnabrück-based musician and visual artist Shabnam Parvaresh. “With a focus on creative, improvised moments in music-making, the events are intended to encourage the audience to expand their listening habits through new sound experiences,” she says. The second edition of the series therefore sets new accents with established jazz greats and exciting newcomers in the art space on Hasestraße in Osnabrück.
The concert series is curated by clarinettist Shabnam Parvaresh