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Situation #2 

14 & 15 June 2024

HUMAN NATURE is a long-term project by The Moving Academy, Berlin. It touches on the increasingly urgent question of our relationship to the environment and our place in the natural world. How does this, and our relationship to each other, shape patterns and space, and what are the creative forces and potentials within it? HUMAN NATURE moves with artistic practice in and around places where spaces for encounter, resonance and reflection open up.
The current series in the historic Großer Wasserspeicher Berlin with various artists and formats can be followed throughout the year. > more please find below.


  • HUMAN NATURE Get Together _ an invitation to a prelude on 13 June 2024 at 19.30h at the main entrance of the water reservoir. With Common Food & Drinktable – bring snacks and your favourite drink to the prelude and exchange about humans, natures and what moves us.


  • Performance _ 14 June 2024 at 19.30h

with Ân Jos Vû / dance, Bettina Helmrich / dance, Kristín Guttenberg / dance, Fujara
3 dancers explore the possibilities of the water reservoir and play the place with the amplified and altered sounds of their movements. They choreograph fragments and pieces in solo, duo and trio through the concentric circular arrangements of the building. Centres and peripheries, dynamics and silences are found and formed in a compositional process. Instrumental sounds are entering, interweave, interact and take over in an interplay with the movers…
At the beginning, a silent walk introduces performers and audience to the atmosphere of the reservoir and a transformed and deeper listening and perception. From there, sound, time and space pieces begin to develop in real time, including exits and entrances of the monument.

Tickets Limited palces, remaining tickets at the doors. !Special: Come together – one additional person can be invited to your ticket!

  • Silent Walk – Sensing & Listening on 15 June 2024 _ 10-10.45h 

With a brief introduction to the artistic practice of perceiving space, sound and time, participants will be taken on a guided tour of the Great Water Reservoir. They experience it in its industrial architecture and as an enormous resonating space that captures sounds from inside and outside and plays them back in an incomparable echo. The Silent Walks provide insights into the practice of real-time composition, which take place in the evenings in the performances of the HUMAN NATURE . r e s o n a n c series, and open up a space for reflection on stimulated perceptions.

Tickets Limited palces, remaining tickets at the doors.

  • Performance on 15 June _ 20h

Set : Christopher Dell / Vibraphone – Solo.
The composer and vibraphonist known for his virtuoso work and radical performativity moves his unique research to the Great Water Reservoir and involves us in a transcendental compositional process in a special place.

Set: Ân Jos Vû / Dance, Bettina Helmrich / Dance, Kristín Guttenberg / Dance _ Solo – Duo – Trio
The dancers use improvisational principles to engage with the sound space of the reservoir and make movements and physicalities resonate. They compose with the audible and the inaudible, visibility and invisibility in an almost incomprehensible space. Contrasting or complementing the compositions of the Vibraphon. Contrasting the compositions of the vibraphone.

Tickets Limited palces, remaining tickets at the doors. !Special: Come together – one additional person can be invited to your ticket!

! Note: Please bring warm clothing and a torch for all events !
The audience moves freely during the entire time. Seating available if required. 

After each performance there will be an opportunity for informal exchange and reflection.