Musical Performance Haus am Waldsee

Posted on Jun 3, 2017 in / Serial Events

Mo. 5. Juni 2017, ab 16 Uhr

Musikalische Performance mit Autor, Architekturhistoriker und Vibraphonisten Christopher Dell im Skulpturengarten.
Eintritt frei!

innerhalb der Ausstellung “VERMISST Der Turm der blauen Pferde von Franz Marc”

3. März bis 5. Juni 2017


Haus am Waldsee has been among the leading venues for contemporary art in Germany since it was launched as an exhibition space in 1946. Today it offers a platform for artists who live and work in Berlin and have already achieved significant international standing. The content of our programme covers a wide spectrum from the visual arts, design and architecture all the way to artists working with sound and composition. In up to five exhibitions per year single, truly innovative positions of artistic practice, thematically driven group exhibitions and seminal works of post-war Modernism are put up for debate. 

Particular emphasis is placed on dialogue, not only between the visitor and the works of art but also between visitors of all generations, artists and scientists. To this end we regularly conduct children‘s openings, artist‘s talks, artist‘s dinners, performances, a summer academy taking place every year as well as concerts of classical music among the artworks. Furthermore, we offer audio guides to the Modernist architecture in our immediate neighbourhood.

The sculpture park by the Waldsee, too, offers contemporary artistic inspiration of the highest calibre on multiple sensory, practical and intellectual levels. The works encourages to reflect on and discuss the question of how “the new” can enter the world by way of the visual arts to sharpen our minds and expand our cognitive horizons. As the “Louisiana of Berlin” the aim is to make visible the innovative thinking of eminent artists living and working in Berlin today.

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