new book: Tom Paints The Fence. Re-negotiating Urban Design

Posted on Okt 4, 2022 in / Serial IFIT / Serial Publications

Kniess/ Dell/ Peck (eds.) Tom Paints the Fence – Re-negotiating Urban Design, spector books, Leipzig

It took 5 years to realize and 7 years to document: the now legendary teaching and research project “University of Neighborhoods”, launched from 2008 -2013 by the Master Urban Design at HafenCity University Hamburg within the framework of the International Building Exhibition Hamburg. Can’t believe the book is finally out. Thanks so much to Bernd Kniess and Dominique Peck for their intense commitment and stamina, I learned so much from them during the collaborative making of this book. My thanks also go to spector books for being such a supportive and fine publisher, thanks to Helmut Völter for the meticulous compositional design and thanks to all who participated all along the way!

With Tom Paints the Fence, the editors and contributors lay out groundbreaking elements for urban research and design by opening up assemblages, territories, and archive layers of the teaching and research project University of Neighborhoods – almost a decade after the experiment on the Elbe island Wilhelmsburg came to an end with the demolition of the building. While making this unique urban design project’s plentitude visible in terms of city as a produced totality, Tom Paints the Fence opens up a wide field of experiences and interpretative approaches. It invites readers to actively make their way through the material to render the University of Neighborhoods’ history fruitful for the present and the future.

with contributions from Ben Becker, Katrin Borchers, Sebastian Bührig, Ingrid Breckner, Boris Ceko, Christopher Dell, Constanze Engelbrecht, Alexa Färber, Stefanie Gernert, Lukas Grellmann, Yannik Hake, Jan Holtmann, Iulia Hurducas, Jakob Kempe, Bernd Kniess, Tim Koblun, Melih Kös, Philipp Löper, Magdalena Maierhofer, Valeria Micara, Tabea Michaelis, Maja Momic, Dominique Peck, Christopher Phiphak, Ben Pohl, Michelle Renz, Viktoria Scheifers, Vedran Skansi, Tina Steiger, Robert Stürzl, Julia Strohwald, Hans Vollmer, Dorothea Wirwall, Janna R. Wieland, Julia Lerch Zajaczkowska and many more.

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