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“Other Voices Other Rooms”

Posted on Aug 4, 1995 in / Serial ENW / Serial Records

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Christopher Dell

Other Voices Other Room

Recorded in October 1994 at System Two Studios, New York, this volume contains a decisive step in my work.Oriented towards a larger form, the music originally evolved as the suite “Stories to be told” that I had been working on over a period od zwo years. Its main theme “Other Voices Other Rooms” obviously was inspired by the famous novel by Truman Capote of the same name. This also became the title of the production at hand. By re-reading the novel several times, I discovered more and more musical aspects in its language, in its picturesque style, the rhythm in the way the sentences are constructed. Nevertheless my music is not meant as a literal translation of the words. Rather as an unconscious guess at what might be beyond the voices, rooms.


Track List:

  1. The Traveller
  2. Union Square Dance
  3. Other Voces, Other Rooms
  4. Cloud Hotel
  5. The Snow Queen
  6. Motian
  7. So Near, So Far
  8. Noon City
  9. Old Folks


Line Up:

Christopher Dell vibraphone

Billy Drews saxophones

Johannes Weidenmüller bass

Jim Black  drums


All selections composed by Christopher Dell expect 9 composed by Robison/ Hill

Cover Design by Petra Reichnebach

Produced by Christopher Dell