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In the Basics format of the e-learning arrangement, the practical form Modes of Play was developed over and through the model project Building a Proposition for Future Activities – a confrontation and translation of semiotics with what it means to work today towards the urban. The format Repository brings together aspects of urban knowledge production processes in the categories description, conceptual practice, reference, synthesis and manual. In the Play format, subsequently visited, concrete situations and arenas from the course of the project are reflected on by means of visual-spatial forms of reasoning and designing in order to determine which of these can be constructive for undone projects in urban design. The differently open forms of representation of the model project and the focus on the performative dimensions of the knowledge production processes introduced therein via the Hamburg Open Online University platform point to the fact that the mediatization of knowledge production processes also includes enabling architectures.
The project Building a Proposition for Future Activities was co-produced by members of the teaching and research programme Urban Design at HafenCity University, a neighbourhood initiative, actors in district and city administration and politics, and current and future neighbours in the Poppenbüttel district from December 2015 to March 2018. It is part of the Accommodation with Perspective Dwelling programme, which is based on amendments to the legal status of „dwelling“ and „accommodation“ respectively, and was designed to deal with the housing crisis of the mid-2010s.