release Albrecht Maurer “Remember Yatra”

Posted on Nov 19, 2020 in / Serial Publications / Works of 2020

CD, published on Nemu Records

Albrecht Maurer – violin

Charlie Mariano – soprano & alto saxophone

Christopher Dell – vibraphone

Christian Ramond – double bass

Klaus Kugel – drums, percussion

The term Yatra (यात्रा yātrā) originally means pilgrimage in Indian. Yatra is also the name of a now almost forgotten festival in India, starting in the late 1960’s where jazz musicians and musicians from Asia came together. For me, Yatra is a symbol of my personal musical pilgrimage with all of its diversity.

Recorded and mixed October 1997 at Gasthaus Scheiderhöhe, Lohmar, by students of Professor Werner Roth, Robert Schumann Hochschule, Düsseldorf. Mastered by Holger Urbach, Ratingen and Reinhard Kobialka, Topaz Studio, Cologne. Graphic Design by Albrecht Maurer. Translation by Nathan Bontrager.

“These recordings are a rarity as well as an important milestone.” Albrecht Maurer, Cologne, April 2020

Christopher Dell plays Vic Firth exclusively

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