Reza Askari Roar Feat. Christopher Dell

Posted on Feb 25, 2022 in

Stefan Karl Schmid – Clarinet
Christopher Dell – Vibraphone
Reza Askari – Double Bass
Fabian Arends – Drums

publishing date: 30.06.2022
Label: QFTF, 2022


Cologne-based bassist Reza Askari has established himself in the European jazz scene as a busy leader and sideman. With his ensemble “ROAR”, consisting of Stefan Karl Schmid, Fabian Arends and Askari, he released two albums as a trio in 2017 and 2020.

Roar`s third album features vibraphonist Christopher Dell and lets the trio and its sound settings, now as a quartet, create new spaces. The music is curious, contemplative, unbridled in places, a confident statement.

If jazz today means creative musical thinking, limitless sonic imagination and improvisational ability, then this album is pure jazz. It is a kind of conglomerate that unites many opposites and contrasts, a surprising recording, but full of harmony, thoughtful and above all unique.