Tacit Urbanism

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Hawkers and the production of space in every day Kolkata

Studying the tacit urbanism, and making explicit the tacit political and cultural levels of the urban becomes an important part not only of understanding the urban as totality but also of how we act as citizens and how we participate in the constitution of new urban structure.The publication examines the uses, economics and politics of public space in the city of Kolkata. It questions issues related to globalisation, capitalism and governance and includes research and documentation, interviews, photographs and an incisive analysis by Christopher Dell. Tacit Urbanism complements the documentary ‘Kolkata Monodosis; Interventions in Temporary Public Spaces’ in whichDell, also an accomplished jazz and contemporary music exponent, performs live at ten different locations around Kolkata.
Christopher Dell, i.c.w. Patrick S.L. Ghosegraphic designBarnendu Manna, bits of art paperback | 144 pp | 13.4 x 21 cm
english language
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