The Assembly of the University of the Neighbourhoods (UoN). A Documentation of Making New Forms of Agencies Available.

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This paper explores what the project of running an experiment in urbanism as part of the International Building Exhibition 2013 (IBA Hamburg), called the University of the Neighbourhoods (UoN) (2007- 2013), can teach professionals in urban design about urbanisation in general and about changing political conditions in urban design in particular. The materials and preliminary findings in this paper are from an on-going ‘project archaeology’ for the publication ‘Tom Paints the Fence. Re-negotiating Urban Design’, which is to be published by the research and teaching programme Urban Design at HCU Hamburg in 2017.
To ground the arguments more concretely the authors use the documentation of what happened in one ‘take’, in retrospect named building a proposition for future activities, of the project University of the Neighbourhoods (UoN). The paper will meander between descriptive and conceptual paragraphs. The descriptive paragraphs function not so much as case studies, but rather as illustrative examples that are helpful in rehearsing an argument. The conceptual paragraphs assemble methods, tools and theories used in practice.

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