The city in the starring role Christopher Dell & Martyna van Nieuwland

Posted on Mai 10, 2021 in / Serial Events / Serial IFIT / Serial Publications / Works of 2021

This talk held with Martyna van Nieuwland in april 2022 at the studios of Instytucja Kultury Katowice – Miasto Ogrodów/ Katowice – City of Gardens Cultural Institution. It was part of my urban research artist residency at Katowice JazzArt Festival in 2021.

Martyna van Nieuwland i Christopher Dell w rozmowie o 10-leciu Katowice JazzArt Festivalu i jego miejscu w przestrzeni miasta.

Martyna van Nieuwland and Christopher Dell in conversation about 10-leciu Katowice JazzArt Festival and its place in the city space.


link to video