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The Improvisation of Space

Posted on Dez 11, 2019 in / Serial Publications / Works of 2019

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17 × 24 cm
256 pages, 50 b/w ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-602-1



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This volume investigates one of the most significant shifts in contemporary urban research: the shift from an object- to an action-related perspective on the city. Outlining a critical urban theory from an improvisational perspective, the book shows why this transition might change our understanding of the city at large and make us reconsider the role of architecture and urban design, as well as their representations. The German theorist, composer, and musician Christopher Dell, widely known for his performances and teaching in urban design, explores the question of making in a constellation of matter, things, embodiment, active living, and discourse. Insightful and engagingly written, this extraordinary volume offers, for the first time in English, a far-reaching narrative that examines the improvisation of space and reflects multifaceted aspects of the city today. The book assembles a unique collection of images and essays, providing a substantial new contribution and advancement in the field of urban research.



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