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The Working Concert Revision II

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Christopher Dell & Sicilian Improvisers Orchestra

The Working Concert Revision II

‘Das Arbeitende Konzert/The Working Concert’ is a discursive format by the composer Christopher Dell. During the concert, internationally acclaimed musicians work together with Dell to determine and demonstrate the organisation of the piece as open form. The format invites the audience to experience and discuss the process of music-making in real time. As performative and discursive installation, the work addresses and contextualises fundamental questions of cooperation in the fields of contemporary art, music and urban theory. In this sense, ‘Das Arbeitende Konzert/The Working Concert’ is a performative installation work focused on concerts and their representations as creative media, whereby concerts are understood not as neutral frames but as a form of artistic expression and as critical dispositifs or apparatuses. The performances of ‘Das Arbeitende Konzert/The Working Concert’ are serially ordered in revisions. The recording at hand is the Revision III, performed by the extraordinary Sicilian Improvisers Orchestra under the direction of Christopher Dell.

recorded Wednesday, 22.  Oktober 2014 – 21.15
at Teatro Garibaldi alla Kalsa
via Castrofilippo 30 – Piazza Magione , Palermo

track list:

  1. The Working Concert Revision II 1. Satz
  2. The Working Concert Revision II 2. Satz
  3. The Working Concert Revision II 3. Satz
  4. The Working Concert Revision II 4. Satz
  5. The Working Concert Revision II 5. Satz
  6. The Working Concert Revision II 6. Satz


Line Up:

Tiziana Maionica (voce lirica)
Eva Geraci (flauto)
Benedetto Basile (flauto)
Marcello Cinà (sassofono soprano)
Dario Compagna (clarinetto)
Beppe Viola (strumenti ad ancia, flauti etnici)
Mezz Gacano (chitarra elettrica)
Giuseppe Greco (chitarra)
Gandolfo Pagano (chitarra preparata)
Alessandro Librio (violino)
Lelio Giannetto (contrabasso)
Alessandra Pipitone (pianoforte)


composition and concept: Christopher Dell