Tour Lillingers Grund

Posted on Dez 24, 2015 in / Serial Events

presenting the new cd “Grund” on Pirouet Label

12. 1. Cavete, Marburg
13. 1. Cascadas Bar, Hamburg
14. 1. Unterfahrt, München
15. 1. Ort, Wuppertal
16. 1. Bastion, Kirchheim/Teck
17. 1. Grüner Salon. Volksbühne, Berlin

Christian Lillinger dr., composition | Achim Kaufmann p. | Christopher Dell vib. | Tobias Delius sax | Pierre Borel sax. Robert Landfermann bass | Jonas Westergaard Bass

This is Christian Lillinger’s absolute dream band.

Besides GRUND, these internationally renowned musicians have both in the past and present interacted and worked together in a wide range of combinations.
As they represent different generations and scenes within the fields of jazz and improvised music, echoes of their various affiliations are manifested through their diverse approaches toward the music and the way in which they play together.
Christian Lillinger’s compositions form the groundwork (Grund means “ground” in German), i.e. the basis for improvising: wide-open spaces that allow for unrestrained creativity for — in this case, all — the soloists.
That, in turn, means the energy fields released within an improvisation can wax and wane simultaneously in a group situation.
“For me, this band is an organism that makes no compromises.”
GRUND’s compositional underpinnings are often architecturally complex and range from jazz influences to total deconstruction. Although a high degree of concentration is required when listening to this music, the listener who does so will be greatly rewarded by an abundance of light.