Wolfgang Haffner Hongkong Jazz Marathon

Posted on Mai 1, 2023 in / Serial Events

Jazz In The Neighbourhood” is a project jointly organised by Jazz World (Hong Kong) Limited and Count-in Music Limited and funded by The Venue Partnership Scheme (2022-2026) of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. As Venue Partners of Tsuen Wan Town Hall, we hope to promote jazz music through a series of performances and educational programmes.

In the next four years, we will organise different music events, inviting jazz musicians from all over the world and local, including jazz masters, up-and-coming musicians and youth bands, to share different genres of jazz music with the public. It is hoped that Tsuen Wan Town Hall can be built into a jazz music icon that encourages the public to integrate music into life and unite the community.



Wolfgang Haffner – Drums

Christopher Dell – Vibes

Simon Oslender – Piano

Thomas Stieger – Bass