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pre-order CD in jewel case transparent tray and 12 page booklet via invoice for 15 Euro plus 2,50 Euro shipping for Germany and 9,90 Euro international at:

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pre-order 180g Vinyl chromocarboard and booklet card  via invoice for 25 Euro plus shippingat:

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will also be available as 16-Bit CD Quality44.1 kHz – Stereo on qobuz 


Christopher Dell

Alterity Stream

Alterity Stream presents a unique composition cycle by Christopher Dell, the internationally acclaimed composer and vibraphonist, who is known and highly respected for his experimental music. Taking the confrontation of the jazz quartett and classical wind ensemble as point of departure, Dell transforms this hybrid into an ecstatic montage of forms. Superimposed on the grid of serial structures, Alterity Stream unfolds as a captivating musical relais, which not only indulges in the overview, but also in the insight of the simultaneity of manifold musical practices. This publication is the first publication in the new retroactive series of the exclusive artist’s label edition niehler werft (enw). Conceptualized and produced in the year 2000, the recording was meticulously re-mastered by the German sound engineer and composer Arne Schumann in 2020.

recorded 11th of April 2000 by Michael Peschko

Mastered 21st of December 2020 by Arne Schumann 

at Schumann & Bach

All compositions and concept by Christopher Dell

 © & ℗  Christopher Dell

Design by Christopher Dell 

All Compositions   by Christopher Dell (GEMA)

With essay by Christopher Dell 

Produced by enw and  Christopher Dell

Cover art picture by Christopher Dell

track list:

01   First Piece  4:19

02   Sentenzen 2:54

03   Nummer 26 0:39

04   Kontext 5:05

05   Konturen A 2:44

06   Konturen B 4:23

07   Konturen C 4:31

08   En Face 5:39

09   Oleaster 6:28

10   Sandzeit 25:22

11   Glut2:49

12   Nummer 26 Reprise 0:41

13   Maserung 6:54

14   Vektoren 5:24

15   Last Piece2:26

total time:               60:28


Line Up:

Theo Jörgensmann – clarinet

Christopher Dell – vibraphone, composition, conduction

Christian Ramond – bass

Klaus Kugel –  drums

Camilla Hoitenga – flute 

Anja Schmiel –  oboe

Bernhard Kösling – clarinet

Christine Chapman – horn





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