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Boulez in Realtime

Posted on Aug 2, 2017 in / Serial Events




A L’ARME! Festival Vol. V on thursday
AUG 03 2017, Radialsystem V Berlin

Christopher Dell (DE) — vibraphone
Johannes Brecht (DE) — sound-design and live electronics
Christian Lillinger (DE) — drums
Jonas Westergaard (DK/DE) — double-bass

a performative installation in stereophonic and quadrophonic sound






 The Berlin-based drummer and winner of the SWR Jazzpreis 2017, Christian Lillinger, will be presenting an electro-acoustic world premiere for the drums, vibraphone, contrabass and live electronics in Radialsystem’s Saal, which will be equipped with a quadrophonic sound system for the first time ever: Dell/Brecht/Lillinger/Westergaard (DBLW) invents musical constellations that are characterised by a close interrelationship between sound and spatial structures and hyper-realistic soundscapes. The interplay of acoustic instruments and electronic soundscapes creates a completely autonomous aesthetic through complex, multi-layered variants and superimposed sounds, which form the basis for intense plasticity and physicality. While DBLW’s real-time compositions are continually schematically interconnected in new ways over time, the development of forms as a production process remains in the foreground. In the Frankfurter Rundschau, journalist Tim Gorbauch called this process “Boulez in real-time”, which inspired the ensemble to dedicate this project to the composer Pierre Boulez. PLAY IT LOUD !

AUG 03 2017, Radialsystem V

Christopher Dell (DE) — vibraphone
Johannes Brecht (DE) — live electronics
Christian Lillinger (DE) — drums
Jonas Westergaard (DK/DE) — double-bass



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