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Das Arbeitende Konzert/ The Working Concert Revision VI-VII

Posted on Mai 22, 2019 in / Serial ENW / Serial Publications / Serial Records / Works of 2019

out now: enw records in the series Reihe Neue Zeit.

order hard-copy for 20 Euro per email: info@niehler-werft.de

download high resolution on quobuz


The limited and signed edition  of 400 pieces consists of

– double 12 cm cd

– artist PocketPac 4 pages, 4 Pockets, 300 g/m²
Chromocadboard, inside outside print 4c Euroskala +
matt lacquer, Pockets with opening outside,

– 12 page artist booklet 4/4 color.

The booklet includes the photo series “untitled” (2018) and the essay “Recording Action: The Work of the Concert in the Age of Its Mechanical Reproducibility” (2018).



download press pdf:

Das arbeitende Konzert IV-VII



funded by

Funded by

Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

Funded by Musikfonds/BKM


Buy online

»Das Arbeitende Konzert/ The Working Concert Revision VI-VII« is availible on Qoubuz → , Amazon → , iTunes → , Google Play → and as Audio-CD (order per Mail →) .

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