“Inventons les partitions des projects pour le vivant”

Posted on Jun 13, 2022 in / Serial Events / Serial IFIT

playing the anthropocene.

As the writer Paul B. Preciado has recently pointed out, the contemporary planetary epistemo-political condition is a generalized dysphoria. What we are confronted with is the resistance of a large part of the living bodies of the planet against being subalternized within a regime of knowledge and power, the resistance against the planet to being objectified as a commodity. Within this resistance one may locate the work of Atelier Coloco. I was very happy to participate in their work for the @bapidf Biennal d’architecture et paysage Versailles this year.

Thanks so much to Gilles Clément and @ateliercoloco : Nicolas Bonnenfant, Pablo et Miguel Georgieff for having me write the wall text “Inventons les partitions des projects pour le vivant” for their exhibition “La Préséance du vivant” as contribution to the Landscape Architecture Biennale @bapidf and inviting me to lecture-perform installatively in their biennale garden on 21 May.

The latter event was also part of intégral designer network meeting, Paris. A big thanks  also to Alexis Goncalves for the fantastic video work.