Transatlantic Five “Transitions”

Posted on Aug 24, 2023 in / Serial Publications / Works of 2023
With this brand new energetic transatlantic quintet Dell Ramond Kugel continue to expand their musical world between traditional and experimental jazz with great sensitivity and imagination. The repertoire consists of original compositions inspired by their great admiration for and reserach on the work of American saxophonist and composer Eric Dolphy. The quintet consits of masterful European and US musicians: Adventurous trumpeter Nate Wooley, unique saxophonist Ken Vandermark, and innovative Vibraphonist Christopher Dell, outstanding Christian Ramond on bass and contemporary jazz great Klaus Kugel on drums.
out now on nemu records.

Nate Wooley – trumpet
Ken Vandermark – tenor saxophone, clarinet
Christopher Dell – vibes
Christian Ramond – double bass
Klaus Kugel –

All compositions by Nate Wooley (threewordseamusic BMI), Ken Vandermark (Twenty First Mobile Music / ASCAP – Cien Fuegos), Christopher Dell (GEMA, Christian Ramond (GEMA) and Klaus Kugel (GEMA), except “Around Town” by Christopher Dell and “En Attente” by Ken Vandermark
Recorded 27th of August 2022 at LOFT, Cologne, Germany
Mixed and mastered by Rafał Drewniany []
Artwork by Hendrick Silbermann []
Graphic design by Andrea Silbermann []
Produced by Christopher Dell, Christian Ramond and Klaus Kugel