Performance and Notation

Posted on Jul 7, 2017 in / Serial Events / Serial IFIT

lecture performance 14.7.2017 at Paersche Lab, Performance Art Conference

Kulturbunker Köln-Mülheim e.V | Berliner Str. 20 | 51063 Köln


The subject of the conference will be the format of Open Source Performance developed by PAErsche since many years, which has al- ways dropped out of attention. The focus is on group constellations, cooperation and the enormous spectrum of collective action, which points to open structures. This is not enough and questions are pressing. The most terrible: “How and what is group?” How does cooperation, collaboration work, and which are all the divergent manifestations of work- ing together and acting together?

When looking at questions in and outside of an Open Source Performance, some attributes crystallize which lead to terminations, misun- derstandings, displeasure, misapprehensions – or put simply: ineffectively coming to noth- ing. In addition to the problem, that intention and realization are used contradictory, there is a set of questions.

How does the social part of an emerging community manifest itself as a mutual poten- tiation and how does it enter into the Open as an intensity?

How are affirmative community formations thwarted and how are collaborative processes formed that resist the determination and any established foundation?

How are the Open Source Performances differ- ent from the Open Session Performances and how do the actions in the real game develop while rejecting their own conditions?

How do encounters develop in space and time, and how is the process of coming apart at the seams much more interesting than any desired availability?

How does the intention show itself as “THAT” in the Open Source?

For eight days selected speakers will present their contributions on event, reality, intensity and meaning.

Furthermore, guests and associates of PAErsche will bring this laboratory into effect and will allow the activities and thinking of all parties involved to be intensified.