video Dialogue Concerts #1

Posted on Jan 7, 2020 in / Serial IFIT / Serial Publications / Works of 2020


The video presents atmospheric impressions from the first event of the Dialogue Concerts on 12.12.2019 at Aedes Architektur Forum.

Designed as a montage of lecture, concert and discussion, Dialogue Concerts will examine how urban space determines our communal life from December 2019 to November 2020. In this context, the city is not defined as a fixed object, but as a dynamic and collective constellation that is performatively produced.

On the occasion of Aedes Architecture Forum’s 40th anniversary, the series Dialogue Concerts. Conceptual Research on Architecture and Music presents a pluralistic media format, re-envisioning urban research. Architectural practice will enter into a dialogue with musical praxis.

Curated by the vibraphonist, composer and urban theoretician Christopher Dell, Dialogue Concerts is presented as artistic statement and critical dispositif. International architects and musicians are invited to address aspects of procedural strategies across disciplines over the course of one year. Taking questions of mediality, corporality, interaction, materiality, structure and transformation as starting points, Dialogue Concerts creates a discursive space seeking to illustrate the societal relevance of both disciplines in a new way.


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