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2020   |  residency der Toepfer Stiftung @ Gut Siggen
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2020   |  residency @ Zwischenraumfestival Salzburg
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2020   |  Vic Firth Endorsement
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2020   |  Dialogue Concerts #2 Interaction, Aedes Architecture Forum, 2020
funded by Senatsverwaltung Kultur und Europa, Berlin,
the Musikfonds e. V. with Projektmittel der
Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.
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2019   |  dialogue concerts: #1 Mediality funded by Senatsverwaltung Berlin für Kultur und Europa and Musikfonds/BKM
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2019   |  The Improvisation of Space, Berlin, Jovis, funded by Bartels Fondation, Basel
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2019   |  Das Arbeitende Konzert/ The Working Concert Revision VI-VII Jahrespreise 2019 Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik (Longlist)
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2019   |  comissioned composition "Lichtspiel" on tour 100 Jahre Bauhaus
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2019   |  Das Arbeitende Konzert/ The Working Concert Revision VI-VII, funded by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa and Musikfonds/BKM, enw 012
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2019   |  Christian Lillinger "Open Society", Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik 3-2019
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2019   |  Artist in Residence, Bartels Fondation, Basel
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2019   |  Record of the Year, polish-jazz blogspot
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2018   |  Das Arbeitende Konzert/ The Working Concert (Revision IV-V), ANCB Metropolitan Laboratory, Berlin,
funded by Musikfonds and senate of Berlin
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2018   |  Europe Jazz Media Chart, May 2018
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2017   |  Wolfgang Haffner "Kind of Spain" longlist Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik 4/2017
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2017   |  Mitglied der Nordrhein-Westfälischen Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Künste
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2017   |  The Musical Act. Playing as image, in: Schmidhuber, Holger: Broken Territories, Dreizeichen, Berlin
Awards: Type Directors Club, New York, Red Dot design award, iF Design Award 2019 , BERLINER TYPE-Award
DDC award, Shortlist · Best Book Design from Germany 
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2016   |  The Working Concert Revision I, Commission by Goethe Institute Brussels, enw 008
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2015   |  German Jazz Gold Award 2015
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2015   |  Christopher Dell DRA "3rd critique", Award Initiative Musik, enw 007
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2015   |  DLW & John Tchicai longlist Deutsche Schallplattenpreis 4/2012

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2011   |  DAAD Kongressreisestipendium, Travelscholarship German Academic Exchange Service
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1999   |  Dancers on a Plane. Prize Deutsche Schallplattenkritik 4/1998 enw 005B
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noImage2014  |  „Das arbeitende Konzert/ The working concert“ composition comissioned by the Goethe Institute

noImage2010  |  short list “Urban Intervention Award” Senate of Berlin

noImage2010  |  1. Prize Urban Design Competition, „Living in Friedenstal“, Bernau, with Mario Abel, Ton Matton,
Bernd Kniess Finalist German Jazz Prize with DRA

noImage2009  |  Grammy-Nomination for „Blauklang“, Vince Mendoza

noImage2007  |  Artist in Residence, Goethe Institute, Kolkata, India

noImage2006  |  Southamerica Tour Goethe Institute

noImage2005  |  Musikprize of the city of Stadt Darmstadt

noImage2003  |  USA-Canada Tour Goethe Institute

noImage2002  |  „1above0“, composition comissioned by the WDR and the Museum For Applied Arts, Cologne

noImage2001  |  Prize of the City Cologne for the Performance-Project “At the edge of time”

noImage2001  |  „Jazz Art Award“ music of the 21. century for the project D.R.A.

noImage2000  |  Tour Award India, Goethe Institute

noImage2000  |  WDR Scholarship for chamber composition

noImage1999  |  Tour Award Africa, Goethe Institute

noImage1998  |  „Deutsche Schallplattenpreis“ for CD „Dancers on a plane“

noImage1996  |  Scholarship „International Summerclasses for New Music“ Darmstadt

noImage1996  |  Compositionprize ERTA

noImage1993  |  Finalist Europ. Jazzcompetition, Brüssel

noImage1993  |  Jazzprize of the City of Frankfurt

noImage1990  |  Downbeat Musicfest „All-Star-Soloist“, Oakland

noImage1989  |  „Gary Burton Jazz Award“, Boston

noImage1988  |  Scholarship Berklee School of Music

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